Finding your passion – 5 questions to reveal the real you!

Getting started – Finding your passion

The first stumbling block that I found and what many others seem to find, is finding what your passion is.

Once I started to think about this I soon realized that I have so many passions!! From nature and wildlife to yoga and essential oils to name but a few.

It took a bit of soul-searching and release of negative emotions to start to become excited and motivated about my passions, to really allow myself to believe that I could make an income online from them. Below I will describe some of the steps I took to release these emotions and start to believe in myself.

So what is your passion? What do you enjoy in your spare time? Or what do you long to do?

It’s natural to come to a block here.

Working long hours and struggling to get by really dumbs down who we truly are, it’s time to wake the real you up, because the world needs you!

Preparing yourself – Clearing your mind of negative attachment

Before you ask yourself the 5 questions to find your passion, it is extremely important that you clear your mind of negative thoughts, external pressures of life, and emotions that you attach to money.

Most people I know hold on to emotions regarding money and the way life should be, for example, that you study hard, get a job, work hard, buy a house, etc. And hold on to statements made by our parents or peers such as ‘Money doesn’t grow on tree’s’ and ‘Money is the root of all evil’.

Are there any others that you hold on to about money? Or the way life ‘should be’? I’d love to know in the comments below…

These negative thought create blockages in our mind and stop us from reaching our highest potential.

The best way to clear these from your mind is to change them.

So firstly write down all the negative thought or comment’s that you hold on to about money or work.

For example… ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’

Then counteract this statement and repeat until the negative ties are broken down.

So the new statement is… ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees but it grows on the ideas I have daily’.

Repeat this with as many phrases that you can think of, it’s amazing how good the release feels!

Now to fuel your fire – Release of these painful emotions

To fuel my fire and help me get motivated about learning how to make money online, I followed these steps and it made me realize how much painful emotions regarding money that I was holding on to.

The next step is to write down what causes you to feel painful emotions due to lack of money or financial freedom.

For example:

  • Not being able to pay bills
  • Not being able to travel
  • Not being able to visit friends and family
  • Working all the hours to make ends meet
  • Not being able to fund study…

Hopefully this has helped you clear out these painful emotions!

On a happier note – Imagine the life you want!

Now that we’ve cleared out those negative emotions, let’s turn to something happier!

The next step is to write down all the benefits to your life if money was no longer a problem, try to think of as many as you can.

So for example:

  • I could spend more time with loved ones
  • My time could be used for important causes
  • I could travel freely
  • I could build my dream house

How does that feel now? I hope you are starting to feel motivated!

The all important 5 questions – How to find your passion

So let’s find out who you really are.

The best way to answer is to write down whatever comes to mind, the first thing that comes to mind, trust your intuition when you ask yourself these 5 questions:

  • What do I genuinely love doing?
  • If money was no object, what would I do with my time?
  • What is it that I care most about?
  • What did I enjoy most when I was a child?
  • What subject could I read endless books on and not get tired?

It’s as easy as that!

Hopefully you will now have a few ideas about who you really are and what your passions are.

I hope you have found this helpful.

Love and Light

Jenni x

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